Fusion between 2 great disciplines:

Coaching and Sports linked with caring purposes.

We take everything that we have learned from the sports to use it in other areas from life. We offer coaching, conferences, documentaries, videos, publications, books, communication campaigns…

Our starting point is the challenge and the personal growth, with an active and dynamic attitude.

We want to achieve all the objectives enjoying the process and the final result and we link it with caring purposes.


Executive Coaching

Una relación One to One con mandos medios y dirección, trabajando competencias como el liderazgo, la comunicación, la estretegia, la visión,

la motivación, el trabajo en equipo, la orientación a los resultados y el desarrollo de las personas.


Corporate Coaching

The objective is to get the people to become high performance teams working with different organization departments. Conflict resolutions are implemented as values criterias are unified in the board of directors in order to improve the teams performances.



With the athletes On we offer masterclass and motivational conferences adapted to the client’s necessities.

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Web: www.oncoach.eu

Email: on@oncoach.eu

Email: online@oncoach.eu

C/ Bertí 5-2 08530 La Garriga (Barcelona)

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