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It is good that we do some exercise at home, but leave aside challenges and strange things, health and hospitals are overflowing to be able to serve us. We have only been at home for three days, as very black we will be a month, any injury we have or have had lasts longer. Get some exercise in moderation, read, study, be with family, and be strong. The mental exercise of this confinement is very interesting.


It is good that we do some exercise at home, but leave aside challenges and strange things, health and hospitals are overflowing to be able to serve us. We have only been at home for three days, as very black we will be a month, any injury we have or have had lasts longer. Get some exercise in moderation, read, study, be with family, and be strong. The mental exercise of this confinement is very interesting.

Sergi Mingote's 14x1000 Catalonia Project, has been postponed due to coronavirus.

On Coach Communication launches the new digital program (online), led by the mountaineer Sergi Mingote, born in format interview, and will count on its first installment with the ultra long distance runner Ricardo “Riki” Abad, the mountaineer Stefi Troguet and the Paralympic table tennis world champion Jordi Morales. Next Friday, March 27, at 7pm, it premieres on the ON Coach YouTube channel.

Jordi Morales Tokio 2020

Spain already has six table tennis players qualified for Tokyo 2020 ... among them Jordi Morales who will lead 3 Olympics and Ruiz Reyes who becomes the first male Spanish Paralympic athlete to participate in seven games !!!

Ricardo Abad Thanks Transgrancanaria 

Since I met the Transgrancanaria I fell in love, I fell in love with the Island, its landscapes, its mountains, a unique test. A great career that engages !!! The 360 ​​experience has been brutal and a great learning experience. In 2021 we will be back !!! Thanks Transgrancanaria !!!

Miguel Luque will pursue the minimum mark in the International Trophy and the absolute State Championship

At the weekend, Miguel will compete in the International Adapted Swimming Trophy, a competition that will be held at the Barcelona Swimming Club (CNB) and which would give him his passport - in conjunction with the absolute State Championship on March 21 and 22. at the M86 Sports Center, in Madrid - to be able to play the European Championship and the Tokyo Paralympic Games this summer, provided that it reaches the minimum mark; a goal pursued in every workout and hard to reach, despite only being less than a second away.

Ricardo Abad: It could not be; withdrawal at Km 120 Artenara life base.

Transgrancanaria 360 Yesterday I suffered the greatest dehydration of my sports career, many kilometers without being able to replenish water, I arrived very molten to Mogán, at night I managed to manage quite well, but today again the strong heat left me molten with a very resentful musculature. I arrived very dizzy at Artenara's base and decided to leave it. You know that I am always very demanding with myself, it has hurt me a lot to leave it, even more so when I was in a great moment of form, but continuing in these conditions was imprudent. The Island will always be here and the Transgrancanaria too, I have an excuse to return !!!

The countdown has already begun! TOKIO 2020

Miraitowa and Someity, the mascots of the Olympic and Paralympic Games # Tokyo2020, have visited the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and there, alongside them, have been our international table tennis Jordi Morales and Alberto Seoane. The countdown has already begun! 

Summit of Ojos del Salado 6.893 m

Mountaineer Sergi Mingote reached the summit of Ojos del Salado (6,893 m), the highest volcano in the world, located on the Andes mountain range that separates Chile and Argentina on Thursday. This is the second time Mingote has ascended the snowfall in less than a year. To prepare for his next feat, which will take him to Nepal to try Annapurna (8,091 m) and Makalu (8,463 m), the Catalan athlete traveled to Chile on February 19 to complete the Andes process. acclimatization.

Time to start this great adventure !!!

Ricardo Abad : As the motto of the 360 says, here you do not compete against anyone, only against yourself with the objective of WINNING AN ISLAND !!! We're going over there!!!

This is the obligatory material to be able to take the exit, with the water it will be 8 Kg of backpack A beautiful adventure of 262 km ahead where the great objective is to enjoy and take experience !!!

We leave for the summit of Ojos del Salado 6.893 m

We’ve been doubting when we can go to the top of the highest volcano in the world, because there are strong winds. Finally we will leave at 2 a.m. to the top. Remember that if plan A does not work, you must go to plan B and if not, remember that the alphabet has more letters! 

Transgrancanaria 2020, 262 km

Ricardo Abat will participate on March 4 in the Transgrancanaria is the name of a test that has been held on the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, since October 2003, being one of the most important events on the calendar today. world. A very demanding and complex test. Ahead of 262 km in which you will have to manage sleep and fatigue to be a finisher.

Jordi Morales as a new ØN athlete

The member of the Sabadell Swimming Table Tennis Club, has participated in five Paralympic Games, won the gold medal in the 2018 world championship. 2018 was awarded as best Paralympic athlete of the year in table tennis by the ITTF awards.

Sergi Mingote, to Chile to crown the highest volcano in the world again

Mountaineer Sergi Mingote set off for Chile this week to continue with his preparation for the 14x1000 Catalonian Project. Sergi will once again crown the world's highest volcano, Ojos del Salado, which is located in the Andes Mountains. The expedition is made up of two members of the No Limits Association for childhood cancer, with Juan José Cordo and Chemo Burruezo, and the mountaineers, Carlos Garranzo, Jordi Gual and Pepe Pardo.

Go up and down 30 times to Peña unzué in one day

The ultrafondista Tafallés Ricardo Abad completed 30 ups and downs to the Pezu Unzué to the race in 24 hours. A total of 102 km and 10,009 meters of positive slope that, regardless of the challenge itself, have served Abad as evidence for its solidarity double Everesting (54 climbs and 17,700m of positive slope). Something he will try on the same stage in May 2020 to raise funds for Sergio, a 16-year-old Unzué boy who suffers from a rare degenerative disease.


In only 444 days this is the seventh 8000 m-summit, without the help of artificial oxygen. After Broad Peak, K2, Manaslu, Lhotse, Nanga Parbat and Gasherbrum II, today I’ve already reached Dhaulaguiri, of 8,167 meters!  After 13 hours, now the most important thing is the descent

Sergi Mingote has resolved to ascend the 14 eight-thousanders of the globe on a record time of 1,000 days

During the realization of the project, the athlete will be the first
ambassador of the Olympic winter's candidacy for Pyrenees-
Barcelona 2030.
The first expedition will be focusing on climbing the Dhaulagiri
(8,167m), the seventh highest mountain in the world and one of the
hardest due to its location and weather conditions. The following
ascend will be Annapurna (8.091m - March 2020), followed by
Kanchenjunga (8.586m - May 2020), Gasherbrum (8.068m - July
2020), Cho Oyu (8.201m - September 2020), Shisha Pangma (8.027
m - October 2020), Makalu (8.463m - April 2021) and Everest
(8.848m - May 2021).

72 days to the limit in the Ateneu Teatre de Cerdanyola

Last Friday, January 11, the Ateneu Teatre de Cerdanyola was filled with more than 200 spectators who could watch the documentary made by Albert Barceló (Øn Coach&Communication) about the rise to three mountains up to 8.000 metres hight in just 72 days by the mountaineer Sergi Mingote. Those who were present could ask Mingote about his adventures. 

Miguel Luque-APINDEP, challenge achieved!

For the second time the team composed by Luque and a greatest representation of disabled girls and boys of APINDEP, they have reached their aim. This time their aim was to finish the last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago. 

Tomorrow Thursday, September 27, Miguel Luque and the youth group of Apindep will arrive to Santiago.

Last 20 km! Luque and the youth group of Apindep will achieve his aim. An unique experience who will reveal that everything is possible. 

Sergi Mingote gets his third 8.000 metres mountain in 72days.

After reaching the summits of Broad Peak (8,051 m) and K2 (8,611 m), Mingote has conquered the Manaslu (8,163 m) and, in this way, he has complete three of the six 8.000 metres mountains planned to complete in less than a year, to achieve the new global record guinness, 3x2x8000, of mountaineering and solidarity.

Miguel Luque will do the Camino de Santiago with APINDEP

The paralympic swimming multi-champion has landed with the disabled youth group from Vallès to culminate together the last 100 miles of the Camino de Santiago.

Up to C2

Sergi Mingote went fast and he is on track to C2 of Manaslu (8.163 m). If in the next few days he raises the peak, he will achieve half of the objective wich has been set for a year, making six of 8.000 metres mountains, achieving the new global record guinness of mountaineering.

Base camp at sight

After a few days of trekking, Sergi Mingote is about to settle in the base camp to try the ascension to Manaslu (8.156 m, Nepal). In this way, he will complete the third of the six 8.000 metres mountains planned to complete in less than a year, to achieve the new global record guinness, 3x2x8000 of mountaineering.

Mingote facing the second period of the record Guinness, 3x2x8000 of mountaineering.

After reaching the first two peaks (the Broad Peak of 8,047 m and the K6 of 8,611 m) of the six 8.000 metres mountains that he will try to achieve in a year,  Mingote has left to reach the peaks of Manaslu (8,163 m) and the Dhaulagiri (8,167 m ), both located in Nepal. It will be in spring when he will try to ascend to Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) and Everest (8,848 m). All of them, without artificial oxygen.

Mingote has reached both peaks in a week

After 13 hours climbing… he has already reach K2 (8,611 m).

One week after the Broad Peak (8,051m), by himself and without additional oxygen, he has achieved the first double in the same session just as the Bulgarian Boyan Petrov did in 2014.

Broad Peak, topped!

At 8:00 a.m., local time at Paquistano, Sergi Mingote summit the first 8.000 metres mountain of the 6 that he will try to reach, in less than a year, to win the Guinness record. We will continue informing you of the 3x2x8000 issue avatars.

3x2x8000 expedition at the gates of C3!

Meteorology has been already recovered, confirmed by METEOCAT, and in July 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th the snow will and the wind will increase. Therefore they have the opportunity to climb the 7.200 m of camp 3 and and leave the entire route installed. We will pay attention to the adventures and misadventures of Sergi Mingote, Pep Vega, Lluís Cortadellas and Carlos Garranzo.

Snowing without stopping

The summary of this week last days is what you see in the picture.

Snow, cold, avalanches ... reading and patience in the base camp of the Broad Peak. We are expecting the weather increases. This is the reality of mountaineering and its valor. We are encouraged and we stand united. We will continue informing.

The expeditionarys of "3x2x8000" are already in the base camp of Broad Peak after 10 days.

It has rained a lot since last Tuesday June 12th when Sergi Mingote, Pep Vega, Lluís Cortadellas i Carlos Garranzo have flown from Barcelona to Pakistan to achieve their new dreams and attempt the first stage of Mingote’s Guinness record to raise six 8.000 metres mountains in less than one year. The rain has taken the snow to Goro II. All of them feel well and acclimatizing to face the two 8.000 metres mountains of this first expedition. They are getting closer to the Broad Peak (8,051m) and the K2 (8,611m).

The sport and solitary challenge by Sergi Mingote has already began.

He will climb six 8.000 metres mountains in only one year.

The first mountains wich he will climb will be Broad Peak (8.051 m) and K2 (8.611 m). They are already in Pakistan.

Sergi Mingote presents his guinness record attempt "3x2x8000" at the Colet Museum in Barcelona.

He was accompanied by the main representatives of Catalan sport such as the Secretary General of Sport, Gerard Figueras. It also had the presence of a representative of the inclusive entities that will participate in their attempt to summit the highest mountains in the world: Rodamunt, APINDEP, Be Artsy and syndrome de Williams.

Miguel Luque has get two silver medals in Italy

Luque has been the second to win the 50 m of breast-stroke and 150 m in other styles. He continues with his preparation for the Paralympic Games of Tokyo.

Miguel Luque was appointed as president and honorary patron of ONAT Foundation

The Paralympic swimmer champion was appointed during the presentation ceremony of the first inclusive sports scholarships in Catalan sport. These were promoted by ONAT Foundation with Generalitat de Catalunya’s support.

Sergi Mingote, Pep Vega and Lluís Cortadellas present their solidarity expedition in ESPAI of Granollers

The three mountaineers will try to climb K2 and Broadpeak as from next June 12th.

New medal for Miguel Luque

The paralympic swimmer increases his medal collection thanks to the second position in the World Championship in Mexico, with 51.14seconds time. Among his goals outstands his participation,  in Tokyo Paralympics in 2020, which will be his 6th time, where he expects to climb up the podium as he has achieved in all previous Paralympics Games.

Peak in the Ama Dablam for Els Amics del Nepal

An expedition of climbers, with Sergi Mingote in the front, reaches the top of Ama Dablam (Nepal, 6812m). One of the objectives were to disseminate the reception center in Bhimphedi from Asociación Amics del Nepal. This center counts with 30 orphan or  kids in social exclusion situation, although it has a capacity for 45 kids. New children can be sponsored.

Freudenberg gives 4081 euros to APINDEP

Freudenberg gives to APINDEP a check with 4081€ that were collected while the last “Freudenberg a rueda”. In order to raise this money, a total of 882 loops were done on bicycle in the Circuit de Catalunya by 300 participants among persons and families from APINDEP and Sta Eulàlia,  location of the cooperative for the integration of young people with disabilities and company workers.

Miguel Luque and Sergi Mingote cross the Strait of Gibraltar

The paralympic swimmer and the well known climber Mingote, cross in a relay race the Strait of Gibraltar to make know the work and philosophy of APINDEP, a cooperative that helps the integration of young people with disabilities.

More than 400 people attended the premier of the documentary “La lluita d’Arnau”

More than 400 people attended the premier of Albert’s Barceló documentary. This is the most important collect since the Fight started by Irene Navarro and Oliver Martínez, Arnau’s parents, who was diagnosed, at the age of 2 months, with histiocytosis, a strange disease. At that time, together with other parents who have kids with the same disease, got to raise money to open a research line about histiocytosis in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.

Clínic Miguel Luque, Sergi Mingote and APINDEP

The paralympic swimmer and the well-know sportsman Miguel Luque and Sergi Mingote, did a simulation with the diseased boys and girls from APINDEP. There, they simulated the relay race that Luque and Mingote would do to cross the Strait of Gibraltar to disseminate the cooperative work for the integration of the young people with disabilities, APINDEP.

Peak in the Khan Tengri for “La Lluita d’Arnau”

Sergi Mingote and Josemi Herrera climbed up to the top of Khan Tengri (7010m, Kazakhstan, Asia) and with their walk they raised 16.000 euros for the histiocytosis and childhood cancer research. From this expedition arose the documentary of Albert Barceló “La Lluita d’Arnau”.

Cervino from the hand of Recipharm and La Lluita TEAM.

Some of the athletes from La Lluita TEAM, among them Sergi Mingote and Josemim Herrera, covered by bicycle the 1000 km that are from Parets del Vallès to Cervinia, with a total of 6 legs. Recipharm collaborated with this solidarity challenge and got to raise more than 1000€ for the histiocytosis and childhood cancer research in  Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona Hospital, via sponsorship of the km done by the athletes.

Cola Cao sponsors the solidarity journey in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Cola Cao sponsored the solidarity journey of the paralympic swimmer Miguel Luque and the climber Sergi Mingote that had as a goal to give a wider image of the work that is carried in the cooperative for the young people with disabilities integration APINDEP.

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